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To Tanzania and Kenya

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Tanzania has an enormous number of bird species, both resident and migrant and many parks in the country have over 400 species. (click here to find out more)

First time visitors are often surprised how rewarding this element of a safari can be. We always try to get people to take notice of the birds, as, even if you don't remember their names, for sheer dynamics and diversity they are impressive - from monkey-eating crowned eagles to minute and iridescent sunbirds. Unlike Europe, here birds are eminently visible and often actually doing something remarkable; fish eagles plucking writhing cat fish out of a river in front of you, rollers doing loops and aerobatics, vultures with 9 ft wingspans fighting over a carcass a few feet from your car.

For the more dedicated ornithologist we have access to some of the best birding guides in East Africa and can arrange ornithological safaris to see anything from Pel's fishing owl to Narina's Trogon.

Kenya Kenya's extremely diverse landscape creates numerous habitats for birds and this country is a birdwatchers paradise - from the forested Central Highlands to the eastern lakes like Lake Nakuru

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This is another East African country blessed with a particularly rich and varied birdlife - a birding treat…

Mt Kilimanjaro - Northern Tanzania

The birdlife is extremely rich on the lower slopes (rainforest and the moorland region) of Africa's highest mountain.

Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Magadi (including Lake Natron) - Northern Tanzania

Apart from the many bird to be seen in the crater area, there are the thousands of flamingoes to see at Lake Magadi, another soda lake. Lake Natron lies further north and is another flamingo "hot spot". The best time for flamingo viewing is January and February.

Serengeti National Park - Northern Tanzania

The sweeping grasslands make viewing the many birds in the area a delight.

Wembere Swamps - Western Tanzania

Watch out for large , breeding colonies of big wading birds like herons, ibis and storks.

Lake Rukwa - Southern Tanzania

This area is situated on a seasonally flooded plain which sees large numbers of various different bird species in the wet season.

Uwanda National Park - Western Tanzania

Over 400 bird species have been recorded here, such as grey parrot, red shark, woodpecker and many more.

Rubondo Island National Park - Southwestern Tanzania

Close to 400 species can be seen here, including fish eagle, heron, stork, ibises, cormorant, martial eagle, Goliath heron, sacred ibis and kingfisher. The island serves as a breeding ground and stopover for fowl from east and Central Africa, Europe, and South America.

Ruaha National Park - Southern Tanzania

Over 400 bird species reside here; like Dickinson's kestrel, violet-crested traco, pale-billed hornbill, racquet-tailed roller and Eleonora's falcon. Eurasian migrant birds flock to Ruaha twice a year - October to November and March to April on the their outward journeys to feed with resident kingfishers, plovers, hornbills, green wood hoopoes, bee-eaters, sunbirds and egrets.

Katavi National Park - Western Tanzania

More than 400 bird species occur here and the park is home to large flocks of pelican; as well as the go-away-bird, pale-billed hornbill, white-winged babbling starling and Tanzania masked weaver.

Mkomazi Game Reserve - Northeastern Tanzania

Over 400 recorded species occur here; doves, hornbills, weavers and guinea-fowl are all present in large numbers - as well as such striking species as the martial eagle and violet wood-hoopoe.

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.Kenya's extremely diverse landscape creates numerous habitats for birds and this country is a birdwatchers paradise - from the forested Central Highlands to the eastern lakes like Lake Nakuru

Aberdare National Park - Southern Kenya

There are literally hundreds of bird species in this forested mountain park.

Amboseli National Park - Northern Kenya

The region is home to over 400 bird species, including the bee-eater, kingfisher, African fish eagle, marital eagle and pygmy falcon.

Athi Plains - Southern Kenya

A good place for seeing whydahs display their magnificent tails.

Lake Baringo - Rift Valley

Of Kenya's 1200 different species of birds, more than 450 species have been sighted here; the lake is the bird-watching centre of the country and it is possible to go on bird-watching walks with a "resident ornithologist".

Lake Nakuru - Western Kenya

The soda lake is one of the Rift Valley lakes to attract up to millions of flamingoes; though numbers have decreased over recent years, it is hoped they will increase again.

Lake Bogoria - Western Kenya

Recently, Lake Bogoria has become the place to view flamingoes in East Africa - where the population is around one to two million birds, mostly staying around the southern end of the lake.

Mount Kenya and Mount Meru National Parks - Central Highlands

Both parks offer excellent opportunities at spotting both forest and moorland-dwelling birds.

Kakamega Forest Reserve - Rift Valley

Over 330 bird species occur in virgin tropical rainforest, which is also home to a number of primates.

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